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Welcome to official website for the parish churches of Hentland and Hoarwithy!

Hentland is the older of the two churches and dates back to at least the 16th century. It is dedicated to St.Dubricius, who is accompanied by a hedgehog in the stainglass window in the north wall. The Church, despite its age,is in fairly good shape, but recently saw the installment of a replacement organ. This however, has not seen the end for its predecessor, whose pipes still show the fine artwork that went into them.

Hoarwithy is an italianate church, which is dedicated to St.Catherine. Not as old as Hentland, it stands with great pillars and a gold mosaic dome, with Christ in Glory, in the centre, giving his blessing. In January 2000,Hoarwithy church featured on the BBC's "Songs of Praise" and Presenter Pam Rhodes has written a book of her favourite churches, Hoarwithy being one of them!!

August 2011 - St. Catherine's needs your help!
St. Catherine's church is in desparate need of restoration work, as the beautiful but soft sandstone is eroding considerably. Grant offers from English Heritage and the Herefordshire Historic Churches Trust are fantastic, but we are still over 60,000 short of the 145,000 needed to cover restoration costs.

Fundraising is underway - if you are able to help then please get in touch. Many thanks!